Gultom’s Brother

Samuel Gultom

Samuel Gultom

This is My Diary Site designed by for me for free I can add all the text by my own text. This blog tells about me, my mom and dad as well as my big happy family. In here you will find all the information about me and my brother,,,, yeahh,,, it’s about us, where I was born, my meal, my activities and so on. Thanks to my Dad that help me to customize the blog and be my personnal assistant to write the blog,,, he,, he,,he,,, my Dad love to do this for me….;) .

Now, I am a fifth grade in elementary school, of course  I am at the same school with my brother, as we always together.



Stephan Gultom

Stephan Gultom
Stephan Gultom

Same as my brother, I am first grade. I always like playing and even at school, smiling, talking and have fun with all my friends. In this blog, I and my brother will write about our childhood and other activities as well as our happiness.

I love cars, and always happy playing with the toys, maybe some day will be an automotive engineer because of it. Hope, God will always give me a good health and grand me for what I am dream for.


We are happy to have you are here, inside this blog is Gultom’s Family which are Samuel and Stephan are brother. Thanks to word press, this blog is publish where the two brother activity are the stories.




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